PSG’s Donnarumma: Luis Enrique doesn’t blame for mistakes, reminds you’re not a robot

Gianluigi Donnarumma, the goalkeeper for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) football club and Italy’s national team, has spoken about the Spanish coach Luis Enrique in an interview with the French newspaper JDD.

“The role of a goalkeeper is the most beautiful and challenging that there is”, Donnarumma shared with the outlet. He further articulated the pressure that comes with the role saying, “As soon as we make a mistake, everything immediately becomes complicated”.

Transitioning into his thoughts on Luis Enrique, Donnarumma praised the talented coach. He was quoted as saying, “He’s a great coach who makes his teams play well. He wants us to dominate the game, to always be moving with the ball”.

Donnarumma also emphasised Enrique’s forgiving nature, suggesting that he does not put pressure on his players. The interviewer shared Donnarumma’s comment: “If you make a mistake, he doesn’t take it to heart. He tells you that it’s normal because you’re not a robot”.

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