PSG’s Al-Khelaifi: Private agreement with Mbappe, leave him alone

PSG president, Nasser Al Khelaifi, has expressed his wish for Kylian Mbappé to remain at the club. In an interview with RMC Sport, Al Khelaifi said, “Of course I want Kylian to stay, that is certain. He is the best player in the world and the best club for Mbappé is PSG.”

Al Khelaifi also lavished praise on Mbappe, describing him not just as a fantastic football player but also a great individual off the field. Mbappé and the president reportedly have a ‘gentleman’s agreement’, the terms of which Al Khelaifi did not wish to reveal. He said the agreement is about more than money and that it’s between the player, the club president, the sporting director, and the coach, thus hinting at its seriousness.

The PSG president also appealed to everyone to leave Mbappé alone stating, “I really ask everyone to leave Kylian in peace. Let us be at peace, we are fine.”

Displaying confidence in his star player, Al Khelaifi stated his belief that Mbappé would never do anything against the interests of the club.

Addressing rumours about Lionel Messi, a recent departure from the PSG squad, Al Khelaifi emphasized respect for the football legend. However, he voiced disapproval at anyone speaking ill of PSG, not just Messi, after leaving the team. He stressed the importance of respect and open communication, suggesting that this is the spirit and style of Paris Saint-Germain as a club.

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