PSG Shocks with Unprecedented Mbappé Renewal Offer: “Something Never Seen Before”

PSG has reportedly made a surprise offer to renew the contract of star player Kylian Mbappé, according to respected French journalist Daniel Riolo. Riolo was quoted as stating, “With this story about Mbappé, you need to be clear about the facts. We have an offer for him akin to something from ancient Rome, Greece, or the Egyptian pyramids. Something never seen before. It’s well beyond 100 million dollars per season. No other club will be able to match that.”

Riolo went on to detail the scale of the offer, which includes benefits for Mbappé’s brother, family, and a player agency which his mother wants to establish. The journalist expressed astonishment at the reported offer, saying, “Frankly, it’s incredible”.

In contrast, potential other suitors such as Real Madrid are anticipated to offer a more ‘normal’ footballing salary. Speaking on this, Riolo said, “On the other hand, we have something that is, I was about to say normal, say it’s normal when we talk about Real Madrid… So it’s a normal salary for football stars. We’re talking about 30 million and maybe a bit more. And he wouldn’t be king of the club. Basically, they’ll bring him back down to Earth. Mbappé is in the middle and has to choose between that. The data is there. If it’s about money…”.

These comments encapsulate the football world’s speculations regarding whether Mbappé will renew with PSG or pursue a potentially less lucrative move elsewhere. As it stands, the player and his team have yet to make a formal response to the newly reported offer.

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