Preziosi: Motta’s success is no surprise, Bologna is holding him back

Former Genoa president, Enrico Preziosi, has spoken highly of Thiago Motta’s performance with Bologna this football season.

In an interview with, Preziosi revealed that he was not surprised by Motta’s success, stating: “For me it’s not a surprise. I launched him in Serie A for the first time although the circumstances weren’t ideal.” He went on to explain that Motta has a modern approach to football and is well-loved by his players.

Preziosi fondly recounted bringing Motta into the team at a time when no one else believed in him. He described their relationship saying, “We always had a great rapport, just a look was enough. I called him and he came to coach”.

Although Motta’s transition to a struggling club was perhaps premature, Preziosi maintained his belief in the former midfielder’s potential. “Perhaps the move to a club facing difficulties at the time was a bit rushed. But great midfielders can always become great coaches. I trust men like him because they have professional conscience and values,” the former Genoa president stated.

Preziosi expressed that he believes Motta has now fully understood Serie A, establishing a cohesive Bologna team that maximises its potential despite not having exceptional players, unlike teams like Inter or Juventus. He even suggested that Motta could aim for more prestigious clubs in the future, whilst showing respect for his current position at Bologna.

The former President also commented briefly on Genoa’s current season, saying: “When I can, I gladly watch the games. Despite a few absences, Gilardino is doing a good job. Being a newly promoted team has its toll, but generally, they play well, barring the occasional last 10-minute blackouts.”

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