President Discusses Possibility of Thiago Silva’s Move to Fluminense

In the swirling vortex of football transfer rumours, the future destination of Thiago Silva has been the subject of much speculation. The latest news might have just shed some light on the Brazilian centre-back’s next move according to Fluminense’s president.

Mario Bittencourt, president of Fluminense, recently spoke passionately about the prospect of Thiago Silva returning to Brazil and more specifically, joining his club.

“We sincerely hope he will return to our country. I think if he comes back to Brazil, he will want to play for Fluminense. As soon as he is free…”, Bittencourt ended cryptically leaving room for further theories.

It remains to be seen if Silva’s future does indeed lie within Fluminense or if further chapters are to be added to this ongoing transfer saga.

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