Pozzo Makes a Decision on the Future of Udinese Striker Lucca: Latest Updates

Udinese football club is set to retain Lucca for several forthcoming seasons, according to recent statements. In light of Lucca’s young age and his significant prospects for improvement, Pozzo, the club’s owner, is prepared to ensure his stay in Udine.

Lucca, it seems, is destined to remain in Udine in the upcoming years. The Udinese management has made the decision regarding the player’s future, which lies within the club for the seasons to come. His youth and extensive room for potential development have been cited as key motivators behind this decision.

Pozzo was quoted as saying, “Considering Lucca’s young age and his substantial scope for further growth, we are ready to retain him at Udinese”. Details on this decision, however, will be disclosed in the succeeding days.

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