Postecoglu: Super League? I’m a conservative, I don’t like it if the game changes too much

Tottenham manager, Ange Postecoglu, has voiced his opinion on the controversial Super League in a recent press conference.

Postecoglu used the platform to share his traditionalist views on the game. He stated, “the reaction it got the first time is a good indicator of where it stands in the football world. Generally, it’s always a good barometer”.

Postecoglu implied that such decisions are generally made in a room with individuals who are, in his view, often detached from the essence of the game. He went on to disclose his conservative stance on such matters, indicating his disapproval of drastic changes to the game and its rules.

“I can assure you,” said Postecoglu, “I won’t be in the room where these kinds of concepts are being conducted.” His feeings align with a number of his fellow professionals who have expressed their distaste for the proposed Super League.

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