Porto’s Coach Conçeicao Reveals His Dependence on Taremi, Yet Expresses Current Uncertainty

Porto’s manager, Sergio Conçeicao, has addressed recent speculation surrounding the future of forward Taremi, who has been linked with a move to Inter Milan and was notably absent from the squad in their last two matches.

Following Porto’s triumph over Victoria Guimaraes, Conçeicao took the opportunity to provide some clarity on the Taremi saga. He confirmed that Taremi was not selected for the second consecutive game, which had fuelled rumours of his impending departure before the match proceeded.

While the nature of his comments remains undisclosed, Conçeicao’s mention of the situation suggests that there are developments behind the scenes surrounding the player’s future. This information comes amidst circulating rumours and speculations in the hours leading up to the game. Further details are awaited.

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