Pioli: “A defender? The club is working to fill this need”

Stefano Pioli, the head coach of Milan, has shared his thoughts ahead of the team’s game against Roma. He admitted that they were actively looking to bring in a new defender, per the club’s needs. “The club is working to fill this need: we certainly still need a defender,” he said.

When asked why Kjaer was preferred over Simic, Pioli explained, “Because the way we were playing, I needed Kjaer more. But to say Simic has dropped off the radar seems exaggerated. He’s a young lad…”

Addressing the team’s current form, he said, “Our aim is to immediately bounce back to make the fans happy and win tomorrow’s game.” He added that the team had managed to maintain a good pace in their last seven games, reporting that rivals Inter and Juve had managed just one more point. “But we need to accelerate a lot. From here to four months, we will have to run fast, and if the others keep running so fast…”

Pioli was also queried about Terracciano’s role amidst the team’s struggles. He said, “At this moment, he is working on the wing as a full-back. Florenzi will not be there tomorrow and that is where he could be used. I have never seen the team collapsing. Our shortcomings are having conceded goals from kick-off. These are the discussions in our meetings.”

Responding to questions about the physical condition of the squad, Pioli said, “Fine, we had the same data as Atalanta and absolutely, this is not the period where you can blame physical downs. In my opinion, technical and mental data are much more critical than physical ones in winning a match.”

Addressing the 10-point difference between Milan and Roma, Pioli snapped back, “The classification does not step onto the field. It will be an open, fought challenge against an experienced rival. We have to prove that we are stronger.”

Lastly, he acknowledged the threat they face, saying, “The entire team must realise the approaching threat: Each player must be aware that every single ball could be the deciding factor in winning or not winning the game.”

Photo credit: Milan Twitter

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