Percassi reassures about Atalanta’s transfer market moves; says Juve’s interest in Koopmeiners stands

The words of Atalanta’s CEO Luca Percassi concerning the club’s summer transfer market

Atalanta’s CEO Luca Percassi spoke to Sky Sport about the club’s transfer market as well as the season of ‘La Dea’.

“We know well who we are and where we come from. Serie A is composed of teams of various sizes,” said Percassi in an interview with Sky Sport.

He continued by highlighting the club’s philosophy: “Our approach has always been about sustainable growth and developing our young talents.”

Percassi also acknowledged the competitive nature of the league: “We know that competing against economically stronger clubs is a challenge, but our focus remains on building a cohesive and resilient team.”

In terms of potential signings, he was measured in his response: “We are always on the lookout for opportunities to strengthen the squad, but we will remain true to our principles.”

Fans are eagerly anticipating how ‘La Dea’ will navigate the transfer market this summer, especially given Percassi’s commitment to a balanced and strategic approach.

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