Genoa Sporting Director Sheds Lights on Offer for Gudmundsson

Genoa’s sporting director, Marco Ottolini, sheds light on market interests surrounding Albert Gudmundsson and Dragusin’s future.

Marco Ottolini, Genoa’s sporting director, recently spoke on Radio Sportiva about the future of Albert Gudmundsson.

On the topic of Gudmundsson, Ottolini shared, “Fiorentina’s offer was real, but we never intended to let go of Albert at this moment, so nothing came out of it. We did not consider offers. However, when we receive certain types of offers, we must present them to the owners. We are currently restructuring both economically and sportingly, so we have an obligation to evaluate everything. However, there was no intention to let Albert go in this market.”

In the case of Dragusin, Ottolini detailed, “There were various interests, including Napoli. This has already been mentioned by De Laurentiis: there have been discussions and conversations, but things went differently. We need to put the club back on its predetermined course, and Dragusin’s sale was important. From a technical point of view, it might have been risky; Radu is a significant player, yet it was a calculated risk.”

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