Osi and Kvara reclaimed by Napoli

In Napoli’s victory over Cagliari at Maradona, the performance of Osimhen and Kvaratskhelia stood out. The two forwards proved crucial during an arduous night for the Azzurri, with the Sardinians showing their resilience and proving difficult to break down.

Napoli’s success was primarily due to the efforts of Osimhen and Kvaratskhelia. With their potent combination of goals and assists, they steered the game in favor of Napoli. After a decisive goal from the Georgian, Kvaratskhelia, and the Nigerian, Osimhen’s enduring efforts including assists and a goal, the Partenopei now have their sights set on the fourth position.

This game seems to signal a return to form for both champions, reminiscent of their Scudetto-winning partnership. “The two forwards were back on decisive form for one of the Azzurri’s complicated nights with alert and hard-to-overcome Sardinians. This is why it took plays from the two champions, finding their Scudetto affinity and leading Partenopei to success,” reports Tuttosport.

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