Orsi: Inter Milan deserves its two-point lead over Juventus

In a recent interview with Radio Radio Mattino Sport and News, football coach Fernando Orsi discussed the ongoing Serie A title race.

Orsi stated that Inter Milan and Juventus deserve their current positions at the top of the league, despite certain controversial episodes, including matches between Juventus and Bologna, and Inter Milan and Verona.

In a noteworthy comment, he said, “Inter and Juventus deserve to be there, beyond some yellow card or some incidents, they deserve to be there. Two this year, the more striking incidents, one between Juventus and Bologna and one between Inter and Verona. I cannot think of bad faith if you first award the goal to Frattesi and then give him the penalty at the 99th minute!”

Moreover, Orsi opined that the strongest team usually wins, and in this context, Inter is justly leading Juventus by two points. He criticised the practice of constantly scrutinising cards and penalties awarded or not, stating that such an approach lacks merit.

He said, “Always going to see the cards and the penalties given and not given leaves the time that finds. Such a thing I imagine from the Morning of Naples and not from Tuttosport, which does it as an excuse because Inter is above them.”

These comments come as Serie A’s title race intensifies with constant scrutiny of key match decisions, revealing the undercurrents that run deep in Italian football’s primary league.

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