Oaktree clarifies stance on Cancelo’s potential return to Inter

In recent days, rumours have circulated about a possible return of Joao Cancelo to Inter Milan.

Respected journalist Alfredo Pedullà has sought to clarify the situation on his YouTube channel.

He said, “Cancelo has had to adapt to different challenges in his career, and returning to Inter is one of the possibilities currently being considered.”

Pedullà emphasised that the negotiations are still in the early stages.

“Oaktree, the investment firm with a significant stake in Inter, is keen on the potential benefits of this move and has a clear vision for the deal,” Pedullà added.

He continued, “Their involvement adds a layer of complexity, but also a sense of optimism for a positive outcome.”

This statement highlights the significant role that Oaktree could play in any potential transfer.

Inter fans are undoubtedly excited about the prospect of Cancelo’s return.

However, it is important to remember that, as Pedullà mentioned, “Things are still in flux, and nothing concrete has been decided yet.”

For now, the football world waits to see how the negotiations will unfold.

As always, we will keep you updated with the latest developments on this story.

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