Oaktree and Inter discuss Inzaghi’s market strategies and requests

The era of Oaktree at Inter has officially begun, and the first significant move, after the match against Verona, is a meeting with manager Simone Inzaghi.

According to Tuttosport, the primary goal of the meeting is to understand Inzaghi’s desires and plans for the upcoming transfer market.

“Listening to the coach’s wishes is a priority,” said a source close to the club, as reported by Tuttosport.

The future of key players will be one of the pivotal topics in the discussion, along with potential new signings to strengthen the squad.

Inzaghi is expected to present a detailed list of his transfer targets and areas that need reinforcement, aiming for a successful campaign in both domestic and European competitions.

Oaktree’s involvement has instilled a sense of renewed ambition within the club, with many fans eagerly anticipating the changes and improvements that lie ahead.

The strategic meeting marks a new chapter for Inter, as the club prepares to further solidify its position among Europe’s elite.

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