Neville on Manchester United: Deep problems won’t be resolved by ownership change alone

Former defender, Gary Neville, has spoken out about the current crisis facing Manchester United in the Premier League.

Neville was quoted, “The situation at United doesn’t completely surprise me, so to speak,” following the team’s recent draw against Liverpool. He further expressed that he had good feelings after this match as getting a point at Anfield is no small feat. He then alluded to other issues that have surfaced, implying more challenges than just the recent game.

Neville went on to criticise the team’s inconsistencies not just in the past few matches but over the last six to eight years. According to him, the teams have shown the same recurring issue of inconsistency irrespective of the changes in squads and coaching staff.

He indicated, “We cannot trust them. Each time it gives a glimmer of hope, it then loses a game it shouldn’t lose. This team is inconsistent and inconsistency is a problem not just in football, but in life.”

The former United defender firmly stated that the issues run deep. He pointed out that a mere change in ownership wouldn’t rectify the problems. Neville’s comments underline the long-standing struggles United has faced to find stability and consistency, amidst frequent coaching changes and varying squad setups.

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