Ndoye Credits Thiago Motta for Growth at Bologna

Ndoye, the winger for Bologna, has made a few statements following his performance during the Scotland vs Switzerland match.

Speaking to RSI, Bologna’s winger Ndoye shared his thoughts on his performance in the Scotland vs Switzerland fixture, also mentioning Thiago Motta.

“I think I did well, I tried to give my best,” Ndoye said to RSI.

He expressed a slight discontent with his performance, saying, “I am a bit frustrated because I could have scored, this leaves me a bit unsatisfied.”

The 26-year-old winger highlighted his continual growth, reflecting the influence of his coach, Thiago Motta.

“My progress is crucial. I have learned a lot under Motta’s guidance and aim to keep improving,” he added.

Ndoye’s versatility and determination are evident in his on-field efforts, which he acknowledged during his conversation.

“I always try to make a difference in matches, and I believe that’s the most significant part of my game,” he concluded.

This self-evaluation from Ndoye comes after an intense match, illustrating his unwavering commitment to personal and professional development.

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