Napoli’s transfer market: Dragusin nearing the club, Genoa make request

A significant transfer update is brewing at Italian football club Napoli as they ramp up their efforts in securing the signing of Genoa defender Dragusin, potentially edging out Tottenham in the process.

Napoli is keen to take centre stage in this transfer window and are aggressively pursuing a deal for Genoa’s defender Dragusin. However, as Di Marzio reported, Genoa has set out their terms clearly. According to Di Marzio, Genoa has put a significant price tag on Dragusin, asking for 20 million Euros, along with the players Ostigard and Zanoli.

As the situation unfolds, Napoli will need to determine if the asking price and trade players are worthy of acquiring Dragusin, especially considering the competition they face from Tottenham. While the outcome is still uncertain, Napoli’s keen interest in securing Dragusin reflects their ambitions in this transfer window.

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