Napoli’s Juan Jesus: Incidents affected the course of the Roma match

Juan Jesus, Napoli’s central defender, reacted to his team’s game against Roma in a post-match interview with Sky Sports.

“Obviously, there is disappointment because there were incidents that influenced the game,” Jesus said, as reported by Sky Sports. He explained how his team started well, both in the first and the second half, but the expulsion of Politano made things more difficult.

Even with this setback, Jesus highlighted that his team continued to create opportunities and managed the ball well. He revealed, “it didn’t even seem like we were one man down.”

The defender pointed out the absence of scoring as the missing piece. “What’s missing? Scoring goals. If one scores goals and gains confidence, gradually, the calmness and serenity that we had last year can grow,” he said.

Jesus remained positive in his outlook, withholding the belief that their current struggles would not overshadow their capabilities. In the past, he’s always been quick to stress that a player doesn’t conveniently forget how to play football. He said that their Scudetto win was well-deserved and expressed confidence that they are a strong team of talented footballers who would regain their form.

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