Napoli’s ADL Makes Early Moves for Post-Osimhen Scenario, Reports Calciomercato

The transfer market for Napoli is heating, with Victor Osimhen’s departure almost certain, Napoli’s president, De Laurentiis, seeks to be proactive in finding his successor, generating considerable speculation around potential new arrivals.

The highly probable departure of Victor Osimhen from Napoli during the next transfer period is anticipated. The striker, who played a pivotal role in the Partenopei’s triumph against Monza, has a release clause valued between 120 and 130 million euros.

“Osimhen saluterà con molta probabilità il Napoli,” said a spokesperson from Napoli, an Italian Serie A club, indicating that Osimhen will most likely say goodbye to Napoli. There’s no direct quote of De Laurentiis, but the president’s intent to secure a player to fill Osimhen’s spot has been reflected in recent team strategies and actions.

These details were originally reported in the Italian language, including the confirmed news of Osimhen’s likely departure and the speculative discussion of his replacement. As these transfer stories develop, keep an eye on our updates for the latest reports and insider information.

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