Napoli reportedly eyeing surprise Serie C manager for new coaching role

Latest updates suggest a potential new manager for Napoli come the end of the season, according to a recent report from La Repubblica.

While Antonio Conte’s association with the role appears to be only a mere illusion, the more substantial prospect seems to be Vincenzo Italiano. However, team owner Aurelio De Laurentiis is still weighing up the options at hand.

The need for a possible change in the leadership role at Napoli is gradually gathering more substance, with Conte’s connection with the role being termed as idealistic at best.

As quoted by La Repubblica, “If Antonio Conte appears to be only an illusion, the name most in concrete is that of Vincenzo Italiano.”

Despite the ambiguity around the choice of new manager, there are clamorous suggestions of Aurelio De Laurentiis, Napoli’s president, having his sights set on something different. However, details of what direction De Laurentiis’s inclination might be leaning towards remain unclear.

Further details of Napoli’s decision about their new manager are expected to emerge as the season draws closer to an end.

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