Napoli, Politano’s agent: Saudi Arabian offer received today

Matteo Politano’s agent, Mario Giuffredi, has discussed his client’s future at Napoli during an interview on Radio CRC.

Giuffredi revealed that they received an offer from Saudi Arabia, but have left the decision to the club. In regards to Napoli’s President, Aurelio De Laurentiis, he expressed that De Laurentiis is aware of Politano’s desires. The President is reportedly ready to reconsider Politano’s contract situation.

Giuffredi stated on Radio CRC, “De Laurentiis knows well what Politano’s will is. The President has made himself available to review Politano’s contractual position, but things need to be done as soon as possible because time passes and things need to be seen as soon as possible out of respect for the boy.”

There has been speculation about a contract renewal at the end of the season, and Giuffredi conveyed optimism regarding this matter. He affirmed that there is a will to renew Politano’s contract.

Giuffredi also emphasized that to turn around this season, it is essential to have relaxed players, indicating that this is applies not only to Politano but to everyone on the team. He expressed concern about the indicative impact on the squad if the situation is not resolved soon.

“If the situation is not resolved soon, I would worry about having a troubled player for the next six months because you would not have either let him leave or renewed,” he said in his closing remarks on Radio CRC.

In conclusion, Giuffredi is urging Napoli to take swift actions regarding Politano’s contract renewal. His concern lies in the impact an unresolved situation may have on both the player’s mental state and the team’s performance.

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