Napoli, Osimhen’s agent slams Kvara’s as ‘rubbish’

Victor Osimhen’s agent, Roberto Calenda, has responded to comments made by the agent of Kvaratskhelia regarding Osimhen’s future with Napoli.

Calenda criticised the comments in no uncertain terms, suggesting there was a lack of respect for the work of others. “Each one should focus on their own business and respect others’ professionalism,” he said.

Calenda’s sharp critique did not end there. According to him, it wasn’t appropriate to speculate about the future of players not under one’s representation. He argued this creates unnecessary misunderstanding and issues, even going as far as to comparing these speculations to baseless predictions made by a poor oracle.

He specifically addressed the reported comments by Kvaratskhelia’s agent Mamuka Jugeli as gravely misplaced, dismissive and unacceptable. “These statements unfairly paint my client Victor Osimhen in a bad light with Napoli fans without any grounding in reality,” Calenda said.

Calenda further stated that Osimhen had recently renewed his contract and his primary desire, alongside the African Cup, is to offer his ability to Napoli. He swiftly dismissed all other narrative as “garbage”. Calenda’s fierce defence of his client undoubtedly sends a clear message that any misconstrued rumours or unfounded predictions would not be tolerated.

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