Napoli negotiations for Samardzic intensify

Napoli FC is reportedly stepping up its efforts to sign Udinese midfielder Lazar Samardzic. Indications suggest that he is increasingly likely to don the Azzurri blue.

There are three significant pieces of evidence supporting this. The first of these is a cryptic social media post made by the club. In a New Year greeting, it featured a figure with a strikingly similar haircut to Samardzic, and a number 24 football shirt – the same year the player was born.

The second clue comes from the recent sale of Elmas. The £21 million proceeds from that sale should be more than enough to meet Udinese’s asking price for Samardzic.

Lastly, as reported by Corriere dello Sport, the final clue lies in the player’s father arriving in Naples reportedly to negotiate contract details.

However, none of these indicators have yet been confirmed by the club. As per BBC guidelines, the story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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