Napoli must act swiftly on Osimhen renewal: closure before 2024?

Reports are emerging that Napoli are keen to tie down striker Victor Osimhen with a contract renewal, with optimism growing within the club about reaching an agreement swiftly.

Italian outlet Sky Sport is shedding light on the anticipated renewal of Osimhen’s contract in Napoli. The Italian club is showing signs of slight optimism about finalising the agreement but emphasizes the need for a quick closure.

Concerns are apparent, as it is hinted that Calenda, presumably involved in the deal, may not be open to revisiting discussions in 2024. This development, of course, hinges on the value of the break clause in the new agreement. If any major changes occur, it is dependent on this contractual detail.

The specifics of the Nigerian’s new contract have yet to be revealed. However, the necessity for swift action indicates a significant recognition of the forward’s talents and a strong desire to secure his services for the future.

Osimhen has been instrumental in Napoli’s success this season, with his goal-scoring ability and prowess on the field being recognised not only domestically but also at the international level. This contract renewal is seen by many as a strategic move by Napoli to ensure the club retains one of its most valuable assets. The Nigerian’s ongoing performance will undoubtedly continue to be a central focus in the coming weeks as negotiations unfold.

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