Napoli, Mazzarri: We’re losing due to excessive training intensity

Napoli Football Club’s manager, Walter Mazzarri, shared his thoughts on the team, training, and particular players in a recent press conference leading up to the derby against Salernitana.

Mazzarri commented on recent defeats and the team’s performance. He said, “I am happy with this week’s work. We have been together, doing things that I wouldn’t have time to do otherwise. I accepted this… I wanted it with great happiness.” According to Mazzarri, being an on-field coach who enjoys preparing matches through training, the time pressures since his arrival have been challenging. His belief in the team’s ability was underscored by his statement, “If we have worked well, then we will see a different, brighter Napoli tomorrow.” His words hinted at a future match where he may witness a football squad playing on the field with energy and a strong strategy, which he believes was found to be lacking in their match against Torino.

Regarding the Osimhen-Kvara case, Mazzarri stated emphatically, “Football players should focus on training well. Their duty is to disconnect everything when they train and play. What matters is the shirt, not the head.” This was a strong message from Mazzarri to his squad, which included Khvicha Kvaratskhelia and Victor Osimhen, underlining the importance of focusing on performance and commitment to the club above all else.

Mazzarri also addressed the absence of certain players without specifying who they would be. He said, “Remember when they said I was complaining? Now I am careful to speak. But keep in mind, tomorrow we will be missing 6-7 players as compared to the first match in Bergamo. Regardless, this does not mean that those present will not play well. I am interested in the ruthlessness needed to achieve a result. I want whoever is there to give their all.”

While Mazzarri’s candid remarks give us an insight into his management style and coaching philosophy, the impact of his words on the Napoli squad’s performance remains to be seen as they square off against Salernitana.

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