Napoli, Mazzarri: It happens to lose but not 4-0, We need to face reality now

Walter Mazzarri, the coach of Napoli, has commented on his team’s departure from the Coppa Italia, following their match against Frosinone, as reported by Italian broadcaster Mediaset.

“I want to apologise first and foremost to the fans, they didn’t deserve this. They have supported us to the end. We will reflect carefully on this match tomorrow,” said Mazzarri.

He recognized the impact of key in-game moments in their loss, “It’s understandable to concede goals on the corner, there was that mistake on the 2-0, but it’s not acceptable to end the match like this.”

He added, expressing his disappointment about the team’s performance that led to their downfall. “In football, you lose, but it’s not acceptable to do so 4-0. We seemed like a team that was playing on its own, that’s wrong.”

Mazzarri stressed the need for self-examination and change, reinforcing his message with a crucial statement. “We need to look each other in the face tomorrow, we need to change.”

This marks a sombre time for Napoli as they exit the Coppa Italia and face up to their shortcomings in the tournament. The team and its fans will look to Mazzarri to drive a change in fortunes for the future.

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