Napoli: Conte works on defence, new signings and Di Lorenzo situation explored

The latest on the defence of Antonio Conte’s new Napoli, amidst new arrivals, market moves, and doubts surrounding Di Lorenzo.

Today’s edition of Il Mattino provided an update on Napoli’s defence, which is currently undergoing a reshuffle under the leadership of Antonio Conte.

The publication highlighted that the squad is regrouping and preparing for the upcoming season with renewed vigour.

Two new players have already reported for duty, reinforcing the team’s backline.

In a statement to Il Mattino, Conte expressed his satisfaction with the fresh additions, saying, “We have brought in quality players who will strengthen our defensive unit.”

However, uncertainties still loom over the future of Giovanni Di Lorenzo.

Sources close to the club disclosed their concerns regarding Di Lorenzo’s fitness, leading to speculations about potential transfers.

An insider, whose identity remains confidential, told Il Mattino, “Di Lorenzo’s situation is delicate, and we need to assess his condition thoroughly before making any decisions.”

The club remains vigilant in the transfer market, eyeing potential reinforcements should Di Lorenzo’s issues persist.

Conte remains optimistic, stating, “We are prepared for any scenario and will ensure that Napoli’s defence is in top form for the season.”

As the training sessions continue, the exact configuration of Napoli’s defence under Conte’s new regime will gradually take shape.

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