Napoli considering additional Serie A striker beyond Lukaku

Napoli’s transfer window is buzzing with activity as the club eyes potential reinforcements for their attack.

Giovanni Manna has begun studying the new Napoli team under Antonio Conte.

While Romelu Lukaku remains the number one target, Manna is also exploring other options.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport, Manna is considering a player from Serie A, further underlining the club’s ambitious transfer strategy.

“Lukaku is undoubtedly a top priority for us, but keeping our options open is crucial,” said a source close to the negotiations, according to Corriere dello Sport.

The source continued, “We are looking at several players to ensure we have a robust and dynamic squad for the upcoming season.”

This approach highlights Napoli’s determination to strengthen their squad comprehensively, aiming for both experience and fresh talent.

With the transfer market heating up, fans eagerly await further developments.

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