Napoli baths: Team spirit dampened, enthusiasm lacking

Former Napoli player Salvatore Bagni has spoken about the team’s performance this season in an interview with Corriere del Mezzogiorno.

Bagni’s comments suggest a sense of frustration and disappointment with the team’s recent performance. He said, “It’s as if they’re not stepping onto the pitch. It’s not that they’re playing badly, they’re just detached from the context.”

He continued, stressing that when things don’t go well, the players should show more fight. He said, “I don’t see that ferocity, that competitiveness that should drive you to change things. They passively accept disadvantage and all the difficulties.”

In addition to criticising the players, he also pinpointed the role of the management and coaching staff in Napoli’s poor performance. Bagni recognised that the team initially blamed De Laurentiis for the disappointing summer transfer market. He also noted the underwhelming performance from former manager Garcia. The current manager, Mazzarri, despite being excited about returning to Napoli and optimistic about doing better than his French predecessor, is also encountering significant difficulties.

While Mazzarri has successfully brought unity to the club environment, it hasn’t been enough according to Bagni. He stated, “The team has become demotivated, there’s no enthusiasm.”

These comments from the former Napoli player highlight a sense of concern for the club’s current trajectory. It remains to be seen if Napoli can turn their performance around in the remainder of the season.

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