Nandez Denies Being a Sell-out, Says Cagliari is His Paradise

Nahitan Nandez, midfielder for Cagliari, has clarified his future intentions with the club through a post on his Instagram account.

“All the talk and comments about my future have forced me to speak out,” Nandez said. “I want to make clear that the rumours about me wanting to leave Cagliari and this city cause me great pain. Reading that I am a sell-out and that I no longer want to fight for this team saddens me deeply.”

The midfielder revealed that he has spent “five intense years in this land that for me is paradise,” and that despite receiving other offers, he made the decision to “remain here until the end of my contract to give everything to this island”.

He also touching on the challenging times the club has gone through, including losing their league status and dealing with his several injuries. However, he also recalled the positive times, like winning the play-offs and the feeling of being alive and celebrating those moments with everyone.

“My son was born here, I’ve rebuilt my family with my current partner who is from Sardinia. I felt like one of you. I feel Sardinian. Sardinia is home for me,” he added.

Nandez highlighted his connection to the place and the people, stating that “those who know me are aware of the respect I have for this shirt and its history.” He concluded by not being sure if these are his last six months with the team or not, but expressed his joy to have the opportunity to live in such a place and to share in the highs and lows with Cagliari fans.

“And be sure that until the last day I will fight for this team, for the city and its people… I will give my all to represent us, because this people deserve it! Thank you and always keep the faith with Cagliari! Together until the end, we will make it,” Nandez pledged.

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