Muriel Demands More Space at Atalanta, Managed Well

In a recent match against Rakow, Colombian footballer Luis Muriel shared his desire to have more playing time on the field. “I always try to give my utmost to earn minutes and play from the start like everyone else. Future? I want to stay at Atalanta, but I want to be on the field and evaluate given that I still have 6 months left on my contract,” said the Atalanta star, highlighting his existing predicament at the football club.

Currently, Muriel is enjoying a good season with Atalanta and has turned out to be a pleasant surprise for the team. His performance significantly contrasts the previous season, when he was poorly motivated and out of form. Despite the ups and downs this year, Muriel remains one of the top players in the team, consistently outperforming others like Lookman.

On average, Muriel gets to play 20 minutes in Serie A games and 59 minutes in European matches. In between, he has scored five goals (four in cup and one in the league) and assisted Pasalic against Cagliari. Regardless of whether he manages to score or not, Muriel’s presence on the field is always impactful.

However, Atalanta is currently amidst a generational change, with fixed starters like Lookman, Koopmeiners, Scamacca, and CDK, who are hard to replace. They may not have the same impact on the game as Luis but the club must face the reality of the situation. Muriel, who is known for his strong performances coming off the bench, has 6 months left in his contract and is considering his options for the future.

Atalanta’s manager, Gasperini, also acknowledges the significant contribution Muriel brings to the game. However, he is aware that to get the best out of him, they cannot use him in other ways. As Muriel’s contract renewal is currently on hold, it’s only natural for him to explore other opportunities while contemplating his role at Atalanta.

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