Muller advises Milan: Guirassy one of the strongest ever seen

German ex-striker Hansi Muller has spoken to La Gazzetta dello Sport about AC Milan’s interest in Guirassy from Stuttgart.

In his discussion, Muller expresses his admiration for Guirassy, labelling him as “one of the most complete” players he has ever seen. He admires Guirassy’s technique, courage and coolness when taking penalties and acknowledges his breaking shot and lob over the goalkeeper. Muller implies that each goal is more impressive than the last.

Adding more to it, Muller speaks highly of Guirassy’s leadership qualities within the Stuttgart team. He highlights how Guirassy offers guidance and reassurance to younger players, embracing the responsibility that comes with his position.

“Some speak French, and he engages in dialogue,” said Muller, suggesting that a potential move to Milan could be facilitated by the presence of other French-speaking players.

Drawing on Guirassy’s past with Modeste as a young player at Colonia, Muller explained how they were offered help not just in terms of language but also in their playing techniques. He suggests that Guirassy has taken these lessons to heart and acts similarly with the youth in the changing room.

Apart from being described as a friendly person who does not significantly focus on himself, Muller considers Guirassy’s departure from Stuttgart would be a considerable loss.

Regarding the possibility of Guirassy playing alongside Giroud at AC Milan, Muller reflects on a similar situation from his own career. He believes, “If you have players that understand football, there is always a solution to solve the situation of them playing together.”

Emphasising Guirassy’s adaptability and exceptional game-reading ability, as well as experience, Muller further downplays potential difficulties integrating with the Milan team. He concludes by commenting on Guirassy’s positive team behaviour, “Pairing talent with responsibility and team behaviour – he is loved by everyone here at Stuttgart – he can play with anyone.”

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