Motta Expresses Regret over Bologna: We Dominated the Entire Match

Following their Serie A clash against Genoa, Bologna manager, Thiago Motta, has been speaking to the digital sports broadcaster DAZN about his team’s performance.

Motta felt that his team dominated the match, but the ball had difficulty finding its way into the net. “The draw was not what we wanted, we always play to win,” he said during the DAZN interview, implying that the match result less than satisfying.

Perhaps aware of weaker performances in this match, the Bologna manager swiftly shifted focus to a forthcoming Coppa Italia match against Fiorentina. He declared: “Now we focus on Fiorentina.”

Motta extended on why his team is appreciated, suggesting it’s down to the manner in which the players perform on the pitch and the feeling of unity they project. The proof of this, he implied, was evident in the day’s match.

Motta also showed a degree of pride regarding his team’s position in the league. According to him, nobody could have envisaged Bologna’s current standing at the start of the season.

In his view, “This is good for football, not just for Bologna,” suggesting that unexpected results and underdog stories are beneficial for the sport as a whole.

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