Monza’s Palladino: We still lack points against top teams like Inter

Ahead of the anticipated Serie A match between Monza and Inter, Monza’s coach, Raffaele Palladino has shared his views on a recent interview with Sky Sports.

Commenting on the impending match, Palladino remarked on the maturity needed to face a team he considers stronger than last season. He praised Inter’s strong offence and defence, and acknowledged their lead in the league table. He said, “It’s a great test of maturity, against a very strong team, even stronger than last season. They have the best attack and the best defence, they are first in the table: what better match to make a great test of maturity.”

Palladino reflected on past matches and expressed his optimism for the upcoming game. He had been disappointed on some occasions in the past season, but believes his team can perform well with a forward-looking approach. He stated “Against the big [teams], we’ve had a round of matches where luck hasn’t been on our side in some instances. But tomorrow, I want an ambitious, light, cheeky team; I want boys who go onto the pitch with great personality. I would like to see a forward-looking Monza, but I have seen a beautiful week [of training].”

On Maldini, Palladino expressed his interest in the player, saying “He’s a very interesting player, I’ve been following him for a while. He has a great talent that needs to be cultivated: he comes from a great dynasty of footballers and we know that he can give us a big hand as a left attacking midfielder, I see him there.”

The coach also hinted at Maldini’s current fitness condition. He said, “Now we will see what physical condition he is in, but he has presented well.”

As Monza fans anticipate the face-off against Inter, Raffaele Palladino’s comments offer a glimmer of hope and a promise for a good game. Regardless of the outcome, his aim of showcasing his team’s potential against all odds is evident.

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