Monza’s Caldirola: We could have done more against this Milan

Monza defender, Luca Caldirola, shared his thoughts on their defeat by Milan in a Serie A match that ended 3-0. Speaking to Dazn following the game, Caldirola discussed the difficulties of playing against top-tier teams.

Admitting the challenges, Caldirola said, “It’s true but it’s not easy to earn points from the big ones.”

Caldirola also talked about their aim to score a total of 40 points this season. Converting this into direct speech, he expressed confidence in his team’s ability, alluding to an optimistic perspective, “I know my teammates and their quality, so we can do something more.”

The Monza defender admitted they could have done more to take advantage of Milan’s situation, which saw multiple players injured. He further stated, “To raise the bar, we could have done something more. We could have also leveraged this moment with Milan having many injuries.”

His statements serve as reflections over where improvements could have been made in the match against Milan and suggest that, despite the defeat, the team remains upbeat about the rest of their season.

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