Monza Reportedly Pursuing Young Prodigy, Galliani Decides

Monza is targeting the acquisition of attacking midfielder Daniel Maldini.

AC Milan is keen to offload Daniel Maldini, while Monza is determined not to lose the talent of a young player who has shown glimpses of interesting talent with the biancorossi.

According to Il Cittadino, discussions are ongoing between the two clubs to finalise the transfer.

A source close to Monza revealed, “The club sees great potential in Maldini and believes he can make a significant impact in our midfield.”

AC Milan, on the other hand, seems eager to part ways with Maldini for strategic reasons.

Insiders at Milan stated, “We believe this move will benefit both parties. Daniel needs more playing time to develop, and Monza can provide that environment.”

Reports suggest that Monza is preparing a compelling offer that includes both a transfer fee and performance-based incentives.

The negotiations are expected to progress swiftly given Monza’s enthusiasm and Milan’s willingness to negotiate.

Further updates on this developing story will follow as more information becomes available.

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