Monza: Palladino feels like ‘a caged lion’ following disqualification

Raffaele Palladino, the head coach of Monza, addressed the media in a press conference ahead of the club’s match against Frosinone. The pre-match interaction saw Palladino expressing enthusiasm and confidence about his team’s prospects.

In the press briefing, Palladino emphasised the solid composure and clarity in game principles his team possesses. He said, “We have built a good, compact Monza team during this journey. Our principles of the game are clear and I like to think that we are continually growing.”

Palladino also discussed his upcoming suspension. He expressed how intensely he experiences each match and that his absence from the pitch might feel like a caged lion. However, he acknowledged the strong support he has from his staff. He revealed, “I will be in the stand with the video analysis team while Citterio and Peluso will be on the bench. We will be constantly in contact.”

Moving into the new year, the Monza coach outlined an ambitious target for his team. “Our goal is to make the new year unforgettable. We had an amazing 2023 and we hope to replicate that. We have all the ingredients to do it. We want to continue to amaze.”

Speaking about Frosinone, Palladino praised the rival team’s structure and players. He spoke highly of Mazzitelli, a player he had the pleasure of getting to know at Monzello, and suggested that Mazzitelli might be an underestimated player. However, he recognised the challenge his team faces, noting that it’s a complex away fixture on a difficult pitch.

Palladino’s comments were shared during the pre-match press conference.

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