Monza, Palladino: Emergency situation as Izzo also faces problem

Monza’s coach, Raffaele Palladino, has spoken on Dazn following the Serie A match against Napoli.

Palladino relayed that Izzo, although having trained well throughout the week suffered a knee disturbance yesterday. This has led to a defensive shortage for the team. He then expressed his confidence in those who will take to the pitch, “I am sure that whoever goes on the field will play a great game,” Palladino told Dazn.

The Monza coach went on to talk about the support he received before the game, saying he is grateful for the esteem and well-wishes. However, he emphasized that the focus was not on him, “I have received many messages before this game, many tokens of esteem and it’s a pleasure, however in all this, the objective today is not personal. We have come here with the right spirit to make a great performance,” said Palladino.

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