Monza-Fiorentina 0-1: Di Gregorio’s mistake paves way for Beltran’s decisive goal for three points

In the 17th round of the Serie A 2023/2024 season, Monza tackled Fiorentina head-on at their home turf the U-Power Stadium.

The game began with a high-pressure tempo. However, as early as the 7th minute, Fiorentina’s Beltran pushed the ball into the net utilising an error from Di Gregorio, who had bungled a pass to Pablo Mari. Neither team let up, with each pursuing every possible advantage.

The highlight of the first half was undoubtedly Beltran’s goal, after which the Fiorentina side maintained possession, with a notably defensive strategy from the Monza team.

The second half saw an ardent effort from both sides. Monza attempted to manoeuvre the ball for an equaliser but found it difficult to find spaces to exploit the Fiorentina defence. As the clock ticked, Fiorentina goalkeeper Terracciano thwarted a string of shots from Monza, ensuring a pivotal clean sheet.

In the end, Fiorentina emerged victorious, sealing a 1-0 away win. Despite various attempts from both teams, the only score of the match was Beltran’s first-half goal.

Beltran was credited as the star of the show in the match, making a significant difference in the crucial one-goal victory. His deflected shot proved to be the decisive strike of the game, earning him the title of Man of The Match of this closely contested fixture.

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