Moncada: We’ve been following Terracciano for years. Brassier in Milan

Geoffrey Moncada, a senior official at Milan Football Club, spoke to Sky Sport just before the start of their game against Empoli.

Moncada focused on goalkeeper Terracciano, a player Milan has been keeping an eye on for two years. He appreciated Terracciano’s versatility in defence, his imposing physique, and his experience of playing around 40 games with Verona. Moncada, as quoted by Sky Sport, said, “We are pleased with him.”

On the issue of new forwards being brought in, Moncada mentioned existing strikers Giroud and Jovic. He emphasised their performance and goal-scoring capacity, subtly suggesting the club’s lack of enthusiasm in seeking offensive reinforcements saying, “We can’t always look for players from outside.”

Speaking about Brassier, Moncada revealed that he has known him for 5 years and that he is an interesting player on their list. However, he made it clear that there are no agreements in place yet.

Addressing rumours regarding Krunić, a player of Milan, Moncada concluded the interview by asserting that he will not be leaving unless a suitable offer is made. Sky Sport quoted Moncada, “If the right offer doesn’t come, he’s not going anywhere.”

Further details can be found on MilanNews24.

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