Moncada on Milan’s Transfer Market: Injuries Abound, Here’s What’s Needed

Ahead of the crucial Round of 16 Copa Italia 2023/24 match against Cagliari, A.C. Milan official Geoffrey Moncada has shared some thoughts in a chat with Italian television network Mediaset.

Speaking on the January transfer window, Moncada stressed that while the team is in need of defenders due to injuries, they are still evaluating all opportunities. He said, “We need defenders given the injuries but we must evaluate all opportunities.” However, he declined to name potential recruits, insisting on the need for discretion during this process. Moncada stated, “I can’t name names, we have to work secretly, evaluate every situation and understand who we can bring in.”

Given the significant injuries confronting A.C. Milan, Moncada’s comments reflect a careful approach that the club is adopting towards its transfer strategies. Regardless, the conversation implies that Milan’s management is actively working to bolster their defensive lines.

Further details of Moncada’s conversation are available on Milan News 24.

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