Moggi Defends Allegri, Claiming His Results are Justifiable

Luciano Moggi, former General Director of Juventus, recently took to the defence of under-fire coach Massimiliano Allegri. Commenting in an article for Libero, Moggi criticised the quality of the midfield provided to Allegri.

“Mister has been handed a midfield that is not up to standard, that doesn’t produce game and doesn’t protect the defence, it struggles to maintain intensity and is prone to opposition counterattacks…” Moggi lamented.

With Allegri’s position at Juve being precarious following a string of underwhelming performances, these comments by Moggi bring the focus onto the team’s structure and player capabilities rather than on the coach. Further discussions and possible transfers in the coming weeks may shed more light on how Juve plans to address this issue.

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