Milinkovic-Savic Back to Lazio? A Crazy Summer Comeback Twist

The idea of Lazio favourite, Milinkovic-Savic, returning to Europe after just one season in Saudi Arabia is rumoured to be on the cards. The Serbian midfielder appears to be tired with life in the Gulf and may yearn for a return to his old stomping ground, Lazio, in Italy. This speculation has surfaced in ‘Il Messaggero’, where it’s reported that the return should not be ruled out.

In the space of a year, Milinkovic-Savic has raked in a hefty 20 million income from his Saudi club, Al-Hilal. There are also rumours of a penalty clause to be applied in case the Arabian club wins the league. Despite an ongoing transformation at Lazio, insiders do not exclude the possibility of his return and integration into their future plans.

Yet, the Serbian centre-fielder isn’t the only professional who’s pondering an early departure from the Saudi Arabian league. Jordan Henderson quickly signed a deal with Ajax just after a summer move to the Gulf. Karim Benzema, another big name in the Saudi Arabian league, is believed to be at odds with Al-Hilal. While no formal agreements with other clubs have been confirmed, Benzema has reportedly left Saudi Arabia and retreated to his home in Madrid, weighing up his future plans.

Now, the former Lazio captain might join this wave of stars leaving the Saudi league prematurely. This marks another fascinating turn in the global football transfer saga, setting the stage for an exciting end to the season.

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