Milan’s Sinner: Ibrahimovic will certainly do well

Italian tennis champion and avid Milan fan, Yannik Sinner, ranked 4th in the ATP, recently spoke to La Stampa about Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s return to Milan.

When asked about whether Ibrahimovic had always been his favourite player, Sinner replied, “That’s a difficult question. We’ve had and still have many great players. He’s definitely one of my favourites, as well as many other “Rossoneri”.”

Sinner also emphasised the importance of working on the mental aspect of football. Referring to the advice given by his trainer Ceccarelli, he says, “This is an essential aspect and I’ve learned a lot from doing the exercises Ceccarelli recommends. It helps me understand myself better and figure out how I react in certain situations.” He also added, with confidence in Ibrahimovic, that “I’m sure he will do great work for the team”.

The young tennis star acknowledged the frequent mentions of his name by Spalletti. “Every now and then, I’m surprised and have a laugh about it. Being a role model for the young is an important role and I’m very pleased that Luciano thinks of me. It’s gratifying to see how the Italians appreciate the historic moment of tennis. Our sport is followed a lot at the moment and we hope to continue in this direction,” Sinner said.

He also spoke about his interest in attending the Sanremo Music Festival, stating, “I’d really like to go if my schedule allows it.”

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