Milan’s Pioli expresses regret: We cannot afford certain oversights

AC Milan’s head coach, Stefano Pioli, has expressed his disappointment after his team’s match against Salernitana during a post-match interview with Dazn.

Reflecting on the draw, Pioli bemoaned the missed opportunities for his squad. “This draw leaves regrets, as has happened many times this season. The most challenging part was starting the scoring; we did it and controlled it well. But then we made mistakes we can’t afford at this level. We managed to recover, but that was not our goal,” Pioli said, clearly frustrated with the mistake-marred performance.

Pioli also addressed the recurring lapses of concentration on the field, attributing these to a mix of factors, including mindset. In a direct quote from the Dazn interview, he said, “A combination of things contributes to these lapses. If these situations keep repeating, mentality becomes important. We need more attention, more intensity, better marking. Many things that cost us dearly and take away points from us. We are seeking confidence and then it gets less and less, but it’s our fault.”

Pioli, though, did acknowledge one positive aspect from the game, the team’s perseverance and effort to win until the very end. He still pointed out that more was needed from the players. He signified: “The only positive thing done is to have reacted like a great team and have tried to win it until the end. But it takes something extra; I don’t think we were convinced at the end of the first half to overturn it. The boys did not give up until the end, we should not have allowed Salernitana to take the lead. We still have to work a lot to become a great team”.

For the full interview with Stefano Pioli, follow the link [here]( The candid discussion delves further into the challenges facing AC Milan as they strive to improve their performance on the pitch.

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