Milan’s Leao: Winning the Scudetto was incredible, want to relive those emotions

Milan’s forward Rafael Leao opens up in a candid interview with the Lega Serie A YouTube channel, voicing his aspirations and delighting in past victories.

When commenting on the victory celebration after winning the Scudetto, the Milan forward is quoted saying, “This square was full of Rossoneri supporters. I will never forget when we went to Piazza Duomo after winning the Scudetto, it was incredible and I want to relive it as soon as possible.” This statement implies his intense desire to repeat this victorious moment and his longing for the support and love of his dedicated fans.

One key aspect of the interview was when the forward discussed Milan’s glorious past. Leao stated, “Milan had fantastic players in the past, I’m trying to reach that level. It’s difficult, but I think I’m on the right track.” He acknowledged the challenge but also his determination to live up to expectations.

Furthermore, Leao spoke about being inspired and motivated by the trophy room at the club. He said the place encourages him to become a better player and to create something wonderful for the fans. He expressed hopes to see the fans celebrate every season, suggesting his aspiration to secure many more victories.

Lastly, the striker reflected on winning the Scudetto title, referring to it as the most beautiful moment of his career. He expressed the shared joy of the fans in clinching the title after 12 years, calling it a dream that finally came true.

The full interview can be accessed on Milan News 24, giving fans further insights into Leao’s journey and ambitions.

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