Milan’s Gabbia: Many Things Are Like I Never Left

AC Milan’s defender, Matteo Gabbia, recently opened up about his swift return to the club during an interview with the team’s official television channel.

Speaking of his speedy reunion with AC Milan, Gabbia commented that “it was a return that happened very quickly.” He went on to add that despite his one-year loan, his return felt as if he never left at all. It was clear in Gabbia’s tone that his relationship with his team-mates and the staff was very cordial, as he stated, “Seeing them again is a beautiful thing.”

Discussing his time in Spain, Gabbia said, “Very good. I did not imagine I would do so well.” He praised the experiences he had with various coaches and expressed gratitude for the contributions they made for his personal growth. He described his time in Spain as impactful, stating “I will carry it [the experience] in my heart.” It’s quite evident that Gabbia’s stint abroad has had a profound impact upon his professional journey.

For more details of Gabbia’s comeback interview, you can read on Milan News 24.

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