Milan’s Gabbia: “Many injuries, but we are positive”

Milan’s central defender, Matteo Gabbia, spoke to Sky Sport shortly before the start of their match against Empoli.

Upon his return to Milan, Gabbia expressed his contentment, stating, “These have been some good days. I found all my team-mates and the staff. They all welcomed me well. Now the matches are beginning, we’ll aim to do our best.” Gabbia’s statement to Sky Sport highlighted his positive outlook as he steps back onto the field with Milan.

Despite numerous injuries within the team, Gabbia was keen to emphasize the positive atmosphere and performance he noted during their preparations. He expressed that, “What I have seen in these days is very positive. From the intensity in the training sessions to concentration on preparing for this match. Now, this game is the final point to bring home the three points.” This dialogue portrays Gabbia’s confidence towards Milan’s performance in the upcoming match against Empoli.

Continued updates on the events surrounding Milan and Gabbia’s role within the team can be found on MilanNews24.

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