Milan Tries to Renew Giroud’s Contract Amidst Tempting Offers from USA

AC Milan are keen to extend Olivier Giroud’s contract, but the forward’s immediate focus is on the field, his performance and scoring goals. Further adding to the intrigue is a tempting offer from the United States.

At present, the future of the French striker remains laden with uncertainty. His main focus is to at least match, if not surpass, his goal tally from last season, which stood at 13. Meanwhile, an enticing prospect from across the Atlantic is peaking the interest of Olivier Giroud, reports Tuttosport.

The nature of the proposed American interest and its potential implications on negotiations with AC Milan are yet to become clear. As all sides remain tight-lipped, Giroud’s decision is eagerly anticipated in all quarters. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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